Established in 2010, the Ang Kalatas (English translation: The Message) monthly newspaper has quickly earned the reputation for being the most progressive Filipino-Australian publication.

It has moved into the ranks of Australian publications by engaging its audience in four modern-age platforms: print, digital editions, website and e-mail newsletters.

Although news, opinion pieces and community current affairs have been Ang Kalatas’ staple, it has satisfied readers’ needs in the areas of motoring, real estate, sports, business and humour with dedicated sections.

Ang Kalatas’ newspaper design has adopted a reader-friendly style comparable to those of mainstream community newspapers.

Its content, written in English, may be said to be equal in standard to mainstream newspapers’ copy. Pictures attempt at adding flavour and substance to stories. Use of colour across the newspaper is used wisely.

Best of all, readers appear to have accepted the Ang Kalatas package with gusto, and advertisers have followed suit.

The publication is not stopping here, however, and is looking forward to improving not only content and design but also expanding it section range to cater to more needs of its readers.